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why choose Neal's construction, llc

We offer five compelling reasons that make our Team the best value and choice to support your renovation requirements. 

- Customer Knowledge: We will leverage our Team's 100+ combined years of in-depth Southeast construction market knowledge to support your mission. No learning curve or "ramp up" time will be involved. 

- Minimized Risk: We will provide seasoned program managers, engineers, quality control and safety specialists experienced in the Design-Build delivery method. 

- Exceptional Expertise: Our personnel often exceed the levels of technical expertise specified in the solicitation and are fully knowledgeable in innovative technologies and problem-solving skills. Such expertise is essential for this contract which will require a wide extent of support capabilities. 

- Quality Assurance: We will apply rigorous quality assurance and control processes specifically designed to address all design and construction challenges. Our structured approaches to quality yield dependable, repeatable processes and professional solutions. 

- In House Resources: Our Team offers extensive in house resources to support all of the requirements specified in your renovation and modification program. We will deliver proven performance on all construction phases. 

The success of Neal’s Construction, LLC is due to it's ability to perform as an integral member of a project team, working closely with customers, architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers, and employees to provide comprehensive support for all projects.


- Renovations

- Construction

- Fencing

- Paving

- Plumbing

- Roofing

- Flooring

- Building operation and maintenance

- Commercial and industry machinery equipment 

quality assurance

It is Neal’s policy to clearly define and meet quality requirements throughout all activities and to actively promote continuous improvement in every aspect of our business. Our quality objectives are as follows: 

  • To consistently achieve compliance with all contractual and environmental requirements, 

  • To actively stimulate and encourage the ongoing motivation of all our personnel to improve the quality of our services, 

  • To implement procedures and provisions throughout the organization consistent with all Local, State, Federal Government and other agencies quality standards, and 

  • To continually evaluate the quality system, seeking further improvements through regular assessment and review. 


Drug free environment

Criminal background checks

30 Hour OSHA training

CQM Certified

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